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I've known Jess for years, and have always been so pleased with the quality of her work and her ability to capture my vision whenever we work together. It is no coincidence that I started having million dollar plus launches once I started working with Jess. If you need amazing work, from a seasoned pro who gets our industry, Jess is your girl.

Who I Work with

I specialize in helping women entrepreneurs take their branding + digital strategy to the next level. If you are a passionate, driven entrepreneur with clear goals in mind, but need help to make your vision take shape in the real world, then you’ve come to the right place.

I ask my clients a lot (A LOT!) of questions to get at the heart of what they really, truly want then I work tirelessly to make it happen. My goal is to not only get you the results you’re after….but also to make your experience working with me so awesome that you’ll never want to go elsewhere. That said…

My clients usually have a few things in common:

  • Connector.

    You are crystal clear about who you serve and how you serve them

    This understanding is the foundation of everything we do together. The better you know yourself + your tribe, the bigger impact we’ll be able to make in our work together.

  • Connector.

    You know you’ll earn back your investment

    You are ready to invest in the future of your business. You know the changes we make together are going to show up in your bottom line almost immediately and you see working with me as the absolute next step in the evolution of your business. (Plus, I won’t feel comfortable accepting your money unless I understand how I can help.)

  • Connector.

    You make the same commitment to the project as I do

    You are impeccable. You are a go-getter who applies the same work ethic to this project as you would anything else in life. You meet deadlines, you follow through on your word, and you deliver the assets I need to make you look goooood online.

Jessica takes a vague concept, such as “branding” and makes it so much easier to understand; ultimately allowing you to hone in on what it is you want to put out there in the world and how you want to affect people. You simply won’t find anyone else as dedicated, driven and switched on as her. She’s our secret weapon!


I take on a limited number of  clients each year for the following types of projects.

  • Custom branding + identity
  • WordPress website design + strategy
  • Launch graphics packages
  • Membership or digital course design
  • Book design (eBook or print)
  • Slide deck template design (KEY/PPT)

My next opening:
Sorry! I am currently booked for 2017

How it Works

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    Download my services guide using the button below. It will tell you what I do, how I do it, how long it takes, and how much it costs to work with me.

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    If you like what you read and you think we’d be a good fit, click the link in the guide to answer a few questions about your project and schedule a time for us to connect.

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    We’ll meet (virtually) to discuss your project and I’ll send you project proposal based on your specific needs.

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Partner with me on your next product or course launch. Focus on what you do best and let me + my team take care of the rest. Have peace of mind knowing that we are on-call to handle any graphics need that arises. Here’s what’s included:

  • Sales page design (and development)
  • Website banners, graphics, and buttons
  • Email graphics
  • Facebook ad images
  • Social media covers + graphics
  • Keynote presentation design

My next opening:
Sorry! I am currently booked for 2017

How it Works

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    Click the button below to be taken to the launch planner questionnaire. Answer a few questions bout your project so I can determine if we’re a good fit.

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    I’ll review your questionnaire and if I think we’d be a good fit, I’ll email you with a link to my calendar so you can schedule a convenient time for us to connect.

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    We’ll meet (virtually) to discuss your project and I’ll send you project proposal based on your specific needs.

I’m interested…take me to the launch planner!

I hired Jessica for her website audit which provided instant clarity so hiring her for web design was a no-brainer. My subscriber opt-ins increased and so did the sales for my products within just a week of the launch! Not to mention the feedback from my tribe, TV producers and brands have been amazing. They’ve mentioned how clean and sexy the design is (very on point with my brand) and that it’s much easier to navigate.


The average human attention span is 2.7 seconds.

Which means you have mere seconds to grab the attention of your casual visitors and convert them into loyal fans, subscribers + paying customers. My comprehensive audit reviews the 12 critical components that can make or break your conversion success. It’s not just about looking pretty, your website needs form + function.  The audit includes:

  • A comprehensive 12-point video review of your website design + strategy
  • A full report detialing problems + recommended solutions
  • A video recording of the audit for you to watch + refer back to any time
  • A 30-minute virtual consult to review our findings + answer questions
  • One week of email access after your audit to answer questions and give feedback
  • Final review of your site after you make the recommended changes

How It Works

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    Click the button below to purchase your audit and complete the audit questionnaire.

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    Upon completion of the questionnaire, you’ll be taken to our calendar where you can schedule your audit review.

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    We’ll meet (virtually) to review the findings from your audit at the scheduled time. After your audit, you’ll have one week to email us with questions and ask for a final review.

Regardless of whether you decide to hire me to make the changes, or you have your own team to work with, you’ll come away with invaluable insights for your website + business.