Plan your site like a pro:

Free Website Planning Course

This 4-part video course will walk you through the exact planning process I’ve used to create dozens of beautiful and highly functional websites for my clients.


What You’ll Learn

  • The best website platform for your needs

    I’ll tell you what features are important to have, and what mistakes to avoid when choosing a website platform.

  • The best domain & host for your new site

    I’ll show you how to choose the best URL for your website (even if the .com is taken!). I’ll also walk you step-by-step through setting up your website in 20 minutes or less. (Who knew it could be so easy?)

  • The best WordPress theme

    In this lesson, you’ll learn the must-have features for any WordPress theme. I’ll also show you the theme I recommend you use and why it’s SO easy for beginners.

  • How to plan your content like a pro

    Finally, I’ll share my method for expertly organizing + planning your content. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know the key components to designing a site that converts casual visitors into subscribers and clients.

Who is this course for?

  • Women entrepreneurs who are ready to launch... NOW

    If you’re ready to get your new website launched, but you’re not quite sure what or how…this free course is going to give you tons of clarity and help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes passionate entrepreneurs make when building their websites.

  • Serious biz owners who are ready to invest in their dreams

    Let’s get real for a minute — this course walks you through the EXACT steps you’ll need to overcome any technology hurdles and get your website online. That means you need to be ready to invest in the tools (website domain, hosting + theme) that are essential to the process.

  • Brave ladies with a can-do attitude

    If you’re the kinda gal who probably COULD figure it out on your own…but you also know that time is your most precious resource and having a professional walk you through the right steps (in half the time) is invaluable…you’re in the right spot.


Free 4-Part Website Planning Course