My no-bullshit guide to becoming a better blogger

My no-bullshit guide to becoming a better blogger

“Success” as a blogger is a broad term. There are about as many ways to monetize your blog online as there are blogs. So this article isn’t about how to make more money as a blogger, it’s about how to be a more interesting one. Because when you’re interesting, people want to read your stuff. And when people want to … Read More

10 Inspirational Instagram Feeds You'll want to follow

10 Inspirational Instagram accounts you’ll want to follow

Instagram is seriously one of my favorite ways to follow the people I admire. Often, the feeds are a mix of business-related posts with glimpses “behind the scenes” that are of a more personal nature. It’s totally voyeuristic, but I love getting to know them this way! When considering accounts for this post, my criteria was: A photo posted by … Read More

13 Lessons Learned In My First Three Years of Business

As 2016 nears and I begin to plan what will be my fourth year in business, I wanted to reflect back on some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Some are universal lessons, others are quite personal. There have been a lot (a lot!) of lessons along the way, but these 13 are the ones that stick out. If … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Free Images

The ultimate guide to free (and almost free) images for your website

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Where can I find good quality free images for my blog/website?” As a professional designer, I spend a lot of time looking for unique and useful images to use in my designs. The following guide is a comprehensive list of the resources I know about. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE //  This … Read More

22 TED Talks for Women Entrepreneurs

Listening to Shame with Brene Brown In this talk, Brene Brown teaches us how powerful and freeing it can be to confront our shame head-on. This is so important to us as entrepreneurs because shame will hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. When we hold back, we don't do our best work. When we don't do ... Read More

How to run a kick ass facebook group 7 power admins share their secrets

After getting recognized around the web (like on Olyvia and Paperlark Studio) for having a "must join" Facebook group, I started thinking about the secret sauce that goes into creating a kick-ass Facebook group. I'm in some really great groups....and I've been in some really lousy ones too, so I decided to contact the organizers of some of my favorite groups ... Read More

How to establish trust, earn respect, and win clients online

What if you could build a business online that generated a steady stream of dream clients that wanted to work with you? What if you could earn a living doing only work you love? What if you could be your own boss, set your own hours, and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world you wanted? What ... Read More

How to ignore your inner critic and turn your insecurities into assets

I was recently asked the question, “What is the one thing that you do, that you think others don't, that has had the biggest effect on your success?” It was asked of me by Jonny Nastor of the Hack the Entrepreneur Podcast and you can listen to my full interview with him here. I had to think about my answer ... Read More

Why I created the ladypreneur community

I am a fan of social networks. To me, they represent innovation, opportunity, and are a reflection of our deepest desire as human beings to be heard, seen, and understood. Social networks give us this connection in new and sometimes unexpected forms. I wanted to curate more positive interactions amongst ladypreneurs because I knew that if I got the right group of … Read More